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Junior Faculty Training and Exchange Program

AIPS is collaborating with Pakistani institutions such as the Inter University Consortium for the Promotion of Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities (IUCPSS) and the Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) to offer a series of exchanges for U.S. and Pakistani scholars and junior faculty. This program offers a unique opportunity for scholars and faculty to work directly with in-country institutions to develop series of programs including workshops, lectures, panels, seminars, and mentorships in order to foster a deeper cross-cultural understanding of a chosen topic or series of topics. Programs for US scholars in Pakistan will be 3-5 weeks in duration, of which, 2-4 weeks are set aside for mentoring a group of 8-10 junior faculty in residence at a Pakistani academic institution. This is followed by leading a one-week workshop in Pakistan. Pakistani junior scholars who have been placed at a US institution will work for a minimum of 6 weeks on a variety of projects including mentorship to complete a draft publication, participation in workshops, seminars, and lectures, development of course/syllabi, or completion of a research proposal. AIPS will welcome collaborative applications from faculty members coming from multiple institutions in the US and will also consider applications for a cohort of Pakistani junior faculty members coming to the US.

*AIPS is not currently accepting applications for this program. An announcement will be sent out to all members if this call is reopened.

Grantees and Projects supported (to date)

Michael HirschEmerging Trends in Social Sciences Research
Robert Nichols: History Workshops in Lahore and Islamabad
Iftikhar Dadi: Lahore Biennale
Patricia Pashby: Language Teaching in the 21st Century
Marcia Hermansen: New Developments and Debates in Islamic Studies
Sarah Beckham: New Pedagogies Workshop Series: Pakistan 2018
Joel Gordon: Popular Cultures Across Borders